This past Wednesday night London producer TroyBoi sold out Euphoria Bassmnt. It was something like a dream for the Portland scene, a hyped up crowd with a line down the block eagerly waiting to get in. The night show brought in tons of people looking for nothing but a good time.Troyboi LRAt these types of events no one is passing judgment, foolproof conditions to get groovy to, reminiscent of What The Festival (our favorite festival of all time). Portland's Benny Rox kicked the night off with a really solid set, always holding his own next to international talent.Then, well after midnight, TroyBoi took over the stage with his wonky-style trap beats. Unafraid to grab the mic, step in front of the turntables, and be his own hype man, he's a vet in front of any crowd. His interaction game is on point, garnering love from the front to the very back of the venue, even finding time to jump into the crowd and gives daps and take selfies.Troyboi LR-4 troyboi2 troyboi3 troyboi4 Troyboi LR-3