After dropping one of our favorite albums of 2015, "And After That We Didn't Talk", Goldlink's headline tour made a stop at Peter's Room in PDX. Fresh off selling out venues in SoCal, SF, and Seattle (the following stop), it was time for Portland to fill in the gap to show some love for the DMV rapper.That's where we fell flat. Even an up-and-coming opener, Falcons, couldn't get the crowd hyped. Falcons has played from Coachella, to Holy Ship, and other notable festivals but unsuccessfully couldn't get any sort of momentum going. His method of adding bounce and groove to his remixes make his soundcloud page one to throw on at a party, but there was little life at the party last Thursday.The ~75 people in the room may have turned up eventually for GoldLink, but a little ways into his set the speakers started having trouble. The bass was clipping and threw off the whole vibe that had been building towards the headlining act. GoldLink was backed by a vocalist, Louie Lastic on the bass (who also double's as link's main producer), and DJ Kidd Marvel on the turntables. At any other venue this weave of live music delivering his future bounce style would have had the whole place jumping. Running through hits off the 'God Complex', 'AATWDT', and playing random throwback jams like Usher to dance to, Link and crew did their job. Peter's Room didn't. Their solution to the sound problem was to turn it down. When you turn down the music in an already mediocre setting, the whole vibe dies. Next time GoldLink comes though we hope the venue they choose comes through, and the crowd does too.It's our job to expose you guys to music and movements that are making waves, so we'll try harder to enlighten each and everyone of you after seeing this turnout!glink1glink5 glink3glink2glink4