Girls on motorcycle steal our hearts over and over again. When we came across the Pacific Northwest based fashion brand, Strange Vacation, we lusted after their collection & lookbook. Founded by two babes, we got to speak to Kelly Wehner about running around pantsless, inspiration and going to market. Read on & ride on!

EYES & EDGE: Is there a certain strange vacation where Strange Vacation was born?
Strange Vacation: Strange Vacation is derived from the feeling we had when we started the company. We were working our asses of, but not really realizing it because we were so passionate about what we were diving into, which meant we were actually having FUN! A lot of that feeling comes from our passion for the culture, but also our passion for style & design. One day we realized that it felt like we were on some sort of vacation, but because we were working it wasn't really a vacation. It felt like a Strange Vacation. Anyone who loves & is immersed in the culture their career is attached to can probably tell you they feel the same way.
That lead to us realizing that we both travel so much, a name like Strange Vacation has the ability to resonate with any consumer. We love that. We make product for women who ride, but are very inclusive. We want everyone to be able to appreciate our brand, which is why we didn't name it anything specific to gender or motorcycles. In the end it's really all about adventure, for us the focus just happens to be through the lens of motorcycles.
E&E: Your most recent look book captures a wildly fun group of girls having a day together. Is this what you hope happens every time a girl puts on your clothes?SV: Our intention is to inspire people to follow their dreams & create their own experiences. Whether that means riding solo in our gear, going to a party in our gear, running round pantless in a field with only our Moto Rugby on, so be it.  We'd love to see that! We really just want people to feel inspired to have fun, be empowered & not give so many fucks about what others think.
E&E: What is next for Strange Vacation?
SV: Our collection is fairly tight & focused. This is important to us because it allows us to create each piece in an incredibly thoughtful manner. When we bring something to market, it's never in a rush just to get it out there. It's when we feel 100% that the product is ready to go to market. Some of it is spontaneous (Like graphic tees, accessories) and some of it is strategically planned. The future for us holds an even stronger balance of performance x style oriented product. Along with that we will always include off the cuff stuff the consumer may not expect. We also have a few collabs coming up that we are super stoked about!
E&E: Who do you hope to see in your clothes one day? Any hot motorcycle babes you are hoping wears The Original Jacket?SV: We really aspire to see our product on our peers. That brings us more joy than anyone even knows. They are the ones who inspire us daily to do what we do! Beyond that we are excited to continue seeing our product on Strangers! The idea that our brand can connect people makes us smile.
Photos by Molly Quan.