Merely five years ago, only a handful of people had ever heard of Dufur, Oregon. Fast forward to June 2016: What The Festival is in it's fifth year and proudly calls Wolf Run Ranch in Dufur, Oregon its faithful home. DSC_6427-EditThis year the festival sold out a day before and attracted the biggest audience it ever had. Festivalgoers traveled from Northern California to Alberta, B.C. and a huge Portland crowd showed up. The event didn't seem overly crowded with the additional bodies. An extra pool was added to the Splash Stag to help accommodate, as well as more food vendors and bars scattered around the new stages and camping area.DSC_9010The new stage this year, The Grove Cube, brought an after party club vibe where you could hear anything from hip hop to more of your favorite deep house. The mad hatter of producers, Mr. Carmack provided our favorite set, mixing sonically and not strictly held to the confines of any bpm. He is known for pushing boundaries and challenging the crowd, we were glad that he did just that. FKJ is a musician through and through, providing a gentle prison of smooth grooves form keys to bass to guitar and even singing! POMO was nice enough to give us an interview after his funkified pool set. Lido was a definite favorite, encouraging the crowd to do whatever they wanted, and provided a set filled with gospel and hip-hop influences with a fresh twist. Bonobo, Chanti Darling, J. Philip and Mr. Wu are just a few of the other stand out performances that we wish we could see over and over again. Watch our full aftermovie to feel the full experience. WTF ?! 2016-9  WTF ?! 2016-15 WTF ?! 2016-18 DSC_7286 WTF ?! 2016-25Photos by Daniel Zetterstrom and Aaron Glassman