YG & company painted Portland red when they came to the Roseland Theater last Wednesday for the FDT tour. Before YG or any of the opening acts even got on stage, the concert area was jumping to the musical stylings of DJ Sickamore. The energy in the Roseland was palpable with fans crawling over each other when Hispanic rapper Sad Boy hit the stage with one of his hype men waving a Mexican flag. Following Sad Boy was Kamaiyah who has been keep a steady buzz about herself ever since she was featured on YG’s “Why You Always Hatin?”. The last act before YG hit the stage was fellow 400 rapper RJ. The “Ride with Me” rapper had the crowd jumping when Sickamore dropped one of his more popular songs “Get Rich”.After RJ gets off stage Sickamore plays some songs before YG starts his set. After about 15 minutes, the concert area goes dark. Out comes the 400 CEO on a stretcher rapping “Who Shot Me” while two people in scrubs carry him. While the “Still Brazy” is on stage he runs thru a good number of his hit which goes to show how much work the Compton rapper has really put in. From some of his older work like “Toot it and Boot it” to more recent hits like “One Time Coming”, YG didn't disappoint and had the crowd engaged his entire set. There was even a brief intermission where Sickamore played some early 2000 hits from Lil John and the Eastside Boyz.668a1904 Of course it wouldn't have been right if YG didn't perform his acclaimed song “FDT” before he left. To add a twist to his set, as if his opening act on a stretcher wasn't enough, Mr 400 brings a piñata of Donald Trump on stage and picks a few fans out of the crowd to take a a few swings.Words by: DJ JonesPhotos by: Jake668a2098668a2024668a2203668a2048