With all that's going on in the political scene, we thought it would be dope to check out a different scene - our neighbors to the North. Check out our new editorial pieces featuring artist, creatives, photographers, people in the fashion world.. the list could go on. And they are all doing it in Canada.Take note, because who knows when we might need to take a long trip up to Canada to dodge some Trump bullets.screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-5-47-04-pmOf first feature is with Emily Chow, the super babe blogger based in Vancouver.E&E: Describe your style in 5 words or objects.Emily: Feminine, trendy, effortless, bold, clean-cut

E&E: Where are your favorite places to visit in Vancouver?Emily: My favourite spots in Vancouver are the following:
For a picnic:
       a) Lighthouse Park in West Van
       b) Whytecliff Park in West Van
       c) Kitsilano Beach
For a great meals:
       a) Ask for Luigi and Italian Kitchen (dinner)
       b) Tacofino (comfort food)
       c) Noodlebox and Jinya Ramen (noodles)
For morning coffee:
       a) Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe (best chocolate croissants in town)
       b) 49th parallel
       c) Matchstick
For a nice bike ride:
       a) the Stanley Park Seawall
For the best hike:
       a) Joffre Lakes
       b) The Chief (Squamish)
For exhibits:
       a) Vancouver Art Gallery
       b) UBC's Museum of Anthropology
       c) Queen Elizabeth - Bloedel Conservatory
       d) Vancouver Aquarium
E&E: Fun Fact about VancouverEmily: During the fall/ winter months, it RAINS quite a lot in Vancouver, so make sure you always carry a little umbrella with you. Because it can rain unexpectedly. Weather in Vancouver is quite bi-polar.
Whether it's on UBC (University of British Columbia) campus, or even just downtown, you can also scout movie stars filming in Vancouver.
Every year, we have the Pride Parade, and it is one of the largest in the world that runs along Davie Street. Vancouver is one of the largest LGBTQ Community in Western Canada.
E&E: Where do I pull fashion inspiration? Who, what and where?
Emily: Everyday on Instagram whether its from people I know, or people I don't know. I also find inspo when I go online shopping or even surfing through pinterest and see how stylists/fashion bloggers style with similar pieces I have.
I pull fashion inspo on trendy pieces, and try to blend it and create the same trend within my style, and the clothes I have. In addition, on Instagram, I constantly follow  #myaritzia #nowherebuteverywhere #dailyhivestlye for outfit inspos .
E&E: Who are a few people we should know about in the Vancouver music/art/fashion scene?Emily: Vancouver Art: The Vancouver Mural Festival. Vancouver Fashion: Aritzia, a store that has started from Vancouver.All photos are taken from Emily's Instagram.