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words by @Evan_Gabriel 

This month, local time-travelers Grape God and Slick Devious released their first collaborative project titled Paint Soup. With production from Skelli Skell and features from Maze Koroma and Banz Stackroyd, Grape and Slick use the space in these eleven tracks to infuse dishes for the hungry listener who’s tired of familiar colorways on the palatte. I caught up with the duo outside their album release party (one part gala, 2 parts performance and one part soup dinner) at Maak Lab. While there is not yet a release date set for the Paint Soup cassette, look for it on Infinite Scroll and read my interview below.

 Who are you? I am old Tron Burgundy 444 aka old Grape God.I’m Slick Devious AKA Daddy Warlock, aka Jihad Karate, aka Slice Lethal. I’m an artist, MC from Portland, OR.Where are we right now? G: We’re at the Paint Soup release party!By the way...Happy Birthday!G: Thank you.You are how old today?G: Twenty-four in this lifetime.But how old is Old Trong Burgundy? G: Four forty-four.What’s your lifecycle like? How many times have you been here and back? G: It doesn’t necessarily cycle as much as...everywhere at the same time, everything simultaneously, every age, every time every place.How long have you guys been working on this album? G: Probably about 6 months.And it was executive produced by Skelli Skell? G: Yeah he oversaw the whole project. And Dan O wrote/produced a few tracks on there. I also contributed to production, overall it’s just like a team collaboration between myself, Slellie Skel, Dano O and Slick.S: Skellie Skell, aka the Slim Reaper.Coffee or Tea? G: Coffee. And I like hot water with lime.S: Coffee, but if I’m at the Pho restaurant then tea.G: If I’m at the Pho restaurant I’m drinking both.What’s the best place to get soup in Portland? G: It depends. Han Vi Oh on 82nd and Division that’s the best soup overall. My go-to standard everyday spot is Pho Hung on 66th and Sandy.What kind of soup are we eating tonight? S: Tonight it’s a hybrid.G: Pork and vegetable soup. With beef spices and a ton of other spices.S: It’s like an athletic stew, you know? Not as fat. More trim.Talk about the theme of Pain Soup. G: I think we combined all the artistic elements that we’re trying to bring. We’re all about a lot of layers. A lot of ingredients, and the Paint Soup…S: The soup is a metaphor for the new new album, which is a metaphor for the art, you know? It’s a lot of mixed ingredients, mixed media. A lot of natural shit.A similar mix to what we have going on tonight: a performance, some soup, a lot of art hanging.S: Yup. And some soap or candles, if you really choose to.What can we expect from you two in the future? G: We’re playing at Reed College Dec 5th, part of the Spring/Fall fest thing. It’s their Renn Fayre of Fall.S: We did Renn Fayre in the Spring.G: We’re going to be putting Paint Soup out as a cassette with a label in Manchester called Infinite Scroll. It should be out hopefully before the end of the year. Their first release was actually yesterday.S: I put out a lot of shit in 2014 so right now I’m just going to be working on Renaissance Coalition, predominantly on the production side of their shit. We’re going to call [the project] Scorched Earth. Grape and I are going to continue at this, trying to hit you with some raw memorabilia or something.Any last words?S: Thank you for talking to us.G: Paint Soup. We cooked all the soup ourselves. Big ups the Maak Lab.S: Don’t forget about that "Scuba Gear Remix" that Skellie just put out that shit is fly.