Triibe Movement:A creative entity.Mission: Freeing Minds.Fear = Control.No fear. No control.Know fear. Know control.

Best friends from birth, and with the same creative mission in mind, Miá Charnelle and Diamond Jeanise Ferguson started a movement. During the day, they’re filming, shooting photographs, graphic designing, editing and designing clothing, and at night, you’ll find them at big shows selling their merchandise. They created Triibe Movement (relaunching soon) just under a year ago and haven’t looked back since. They continuously collaborate with other creative locals and try to help people succeed in pursuing their art. E+E liked their mission and was lucky enough to sit down with them to talk about all that they are up to. Let’s just say, there were lots of laughs.

E+E: So tell me what do you guys do exactly. There seems to be a lot on your plate!Diamond: We do graphics, photography, website work, promotion, clothing, and a lot of people we work with do music, so there is a lot of editing.

E+E: Is it all self-taught or did you guys go to school for it?Diamond: I went to school but then got out, because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I am going back to school now.Miá: I am in school for fashion marketing now.

E+E: How did you guys meet?Miá: We were practically born together and then grew up together.Diamond: We have been best friends for a long time. We used to play basketball together and then when that was done, we were like, “What do we do now?”Miá: It had been an idea for about 4 years—from junior year on—and for some reason, we never got into it and didn’t know where to start. Then one morning, at about 3am, she texted me and said, “I think we can really do this.” So, we just started doing research, and my cousin at FlightSkool had a social going on and we went. We had nothing; a poster, a couple beanies and some crappy business cards and that is how it started. That was July 29th of last year.

E+E: Is it just the two of you that do everything?Diamond: Yeah. We collaborate with a lot of people. We work with Josh Manus from Portland Penthouse a lot, and Glenn Waco. We try to work with everyone locally and help them with what they need and they help us.

E+E: Is that how you got the name Triibe Movement?Miá: Basically. First, it was Triibe Clothing, but we thought, we do so much—why only stick to clothing? We can be the tribe and start the movement.

E+E: Have any big projects in the works right now?Miá: Whew. A hell of a lot. We are trying to do a huge music collaboration where we have a music page on our website. Lately, we’ve been reaching out to a lot of artists all around the world. Most of the time, they are people I got into over the internet, like on soundcloud. Then we are doing a couple album covers—well, Jeanise is.

Joe Budden is coming to the Roseland Theatre and we are going to be there selling clothes. The promoter found us through another promoter we met in Seattle and asked us to sell merchandise. We’ll have a booth where we will be releasing new clothing at the show and then it will probably be online the day after.

E+E: Okay, it’s a tough one, but favorite thing about Portland. Go.Miá: Nightlife is one for sure, because a lot of people think Portland doesn’t have one (but it does). Maybe it doesn’t go as late as other cities, but there is one. Once we started doing things and getting out there, we got to meet creative people all the time and network with people that I never was friends with before but now I am. There is always stuff going on.Diamond: Hm, I think my favorite thing about Portland would be... the weed. No, just kidding. Wait, can I say that?E+E: You can say that.Miá: Oh, I didn’t know I could say that. Laughs.Diamond: I also love how free it is here—a lot of room to be creative and do what you want. There are parades and naked bike rides. If you’ve never done it, you could just slip in the crowd and be like “woo hoo” and jump out and no one would ever know. You just go back to real life.Miá: So weed, nightlife and freedom. And music, for sure. There are so many talented artists here.

E+E: Anything else the public should know about Triibe Movement?Miá: We are not in the fucking Illuminati. ALL CAPS. As big as you can make it. Come on people, you wouldn’t have to speculate. I would be going around in a hovercraft, “Oh you need a ride? Sorry.” I would have champagne for breakfast. We have already talked about if we were in it, but we are not.Diamond: We get so many people asking, “Is that triangle in the logo the Illuminati?” NO! Then, when our friend Dracey comes out in his gas mask, people ask us if we are terrorists, like today when we were filming earlier. Dracey walks around with the gas mask, Miá walks around with a scarf on her face and I got the Illuminati on my hat. People get scared.

Miá: I’m making a STATEMENT here, people, and it’s not what you think. Laughs. I only wear the rag on my face so people pay attention to everything but what I look like. Pay attention more to the design—it strikes up a conversation about what it really means. It also represents things that you shouldn’t be afraid of. Someone told me I looked like a thug and I just go, “Ha, have you heard how I speak? I’m so proper.”Diamond: Yeah, a girl recently came up to me and told me she was scared of Miá, and I just told her, “Listen to her voice.”Miá: All in all, we have definitely grown more helping others than doing our own stuff. It has been really great to collaborate with people, instead of shutting it down before we know who they actually are and where they are coming from. I want to get to know what people are all about first.Diamond: You have to just find who you are and what you love, and help everyone else do what they are passionate about.

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