The Good Mod, which used to be located in Southeast Portland, now currently resides in a beautiful 21,000 sq. ft. warehouse on West Burnside. The massive new space is home to an office, workshop, and retail showroom where owner Spencer Staley and his crew of 9 talented craftspeople lovingly refinish mid-century modern and industrial furniture. Seriously, it’s Eames heaven up there.

The building has a lot of history (a group of 40 artists used to rent it out and throw crazy parties), but Spencer has seamlessly managed to preserve some of the old grit while adding new charm. The physical space mirrors what goes on behind the scenes in the workshop, as there are machines that utilize both cutting-edge technology and old-world craftsmanship. To top it all off, their 4th floor rooftop has a killer view of the Pearl. How’s that for inspiration?

Spencer is a true visionary, and though the shop already offers a variety of services like digital fabrication, appraisals, reupholstery (with Pendleton wool!), custom design, and furniture rentals, we know we will see more innovation and creativity coming out of the Good Mod in the future.

E+E: How did you get started in this business?
Spencer Staley: I’ve been kind of dabbling in it for 10 years, buying and selling. And then I got really inspired by mid-century design. Knowing and learning about designers, it’s almost like studying art. So I just kept doing that and the more I did it, the more I wanted to learn. I learned about American designers, Scandinavian designers and Japanese designers. And lately, I’ve been super interested in making my own designs and working with people who are doing that as well.

E+E: So why the big move? What sparked it?
SS: We had 11,000 feet at the old place and we were outgrowing it with our inventory. And in terms of our workshop, we also wanted to build things faster and have more people working. I wasn’t really looking for a space, but then this guy called me up about this place and I came and looked at it, and it was perfect.

To say we are obsessed with everything about this place is a huge understatement. Get over there and check it out yourself!

The Good Mod
1313 W Burnside St, 4th floor
Portland, OR 97209

By car: Enter on 14th Street and Park on the 3rd floor
By foot: Enter on 13th Street and follow signs to the elevator and stairs

Written by: Lauren Kodiak


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