Coming off two 2016 releases Traphouse Jodeci and “Private Suite” EYES & EDGE caught up with the hungry new R&B act Ye Ali. For a man who spent a lot of time on the move, his recent choice of stay has been Los Angeles. His music draws inspiration from the city life and his own past as well present experiences. Ye Ali’s songwriting aches for the stability of an invested woman while acknowledging the wandering temptations of lust. He is a man whose lyrics go beyond the R&B hits. His music resonates a deeper chord amongst the devious minds of singles spending their nights chasing club lighting in the city of Angels. ye-ali-x-frankhavemercy-7EYES & EDGE: Things are falling into place and your new album is super hot. How are you feeling since the project dropped?Ye Ali: Working on new music daily and just continuing to reach new fans. I always feel good so a positive response from the fans enhances my usual mood, a bit. Overall, I am focused on getting better and creating from a deeper place.E&E: How does your Indiana roots translate into your music? Does it?Ye Ali: Maybe I am from a place with no identity or much claim to fame. So, I always outsourced my resources of inspiration from such places as Toronto and Los Angeles. It made me feel nomadic. I never felt like I belonged, until I left the city. So, in a way, being from Indiana shaped the way I behave and my laid back personality.ye-ali-x-frankhavemercy-3E&E: Hosting your listening party at Pink Dolphin on Fairfax is huge. But you predicted this three years ago. Tell us about that moment.Ye Ali: I am a very patient person so I was still in school but I knew once I was done I could go to LA. I drove to LA after graduation and haven't been back since. The Pink Dolphin collab was a year or two in the making. They are a great company with awesome staff and ownership. I've done some modeling for them in the past so we have been connected for a while.E&E: Dream performance or tour to be added to for 2017?Ye Ali: Ye Ali feat Ye Ali...hahaye-ali-x-frankhavemercy-46Photos by: MercyIntroduction by: Johnny Boddy