Jai Wolf comes to Portland on Saturday night and will be fresh off releasing his newest project, Kindred Spirits. We got to catch up with him before the music drops tomorrow (Friday 11/18). Make sure to pre-order the album & try to snag a ticket to the sold out show at The Wonder.EYES & EDGE: With all that just happened with the election, how are you feeling? You were vocal on Twitter but since the dust has settled a little, what are some takeaways?Sajeeb Saha: I'm feeling really disappointed and afraid. Disappointed because our nation elected a racist and a misogynist to the highest position. Afraid because I'm seeing a lot of attacks on minorities in the days after the election. The dust definitely hasn't begun to settle yet - we're sadly strapping in for a long 4 years.E&E: What are you emotions as we get closer to Kindred Spirits' release date?Sajeeb: Really excited - I've been working so hard on this EP. It's incredibly special and I can't wait for everyone to hear it.E&E: What do you hope impacts your listeners the most?Sajeeb: The emotions inside the melodies - I hope it makes them feel nostalgic or youthful.E&E: How do you keep balance in life when you are constantly on the road?Sajeeb: I live with my parents so it's nice to come back to something that's been a constant in my life to keep me grounded.E&E: If you weren't making music, what do you think you would be doing?Sajeeb: I'd probably work in the music industry just to be near music.kindred-spirits-cover-art-1500-x-1500Interview by: HollyPhotos by: Tiki