E+Etv: Jacob J Keller on Squirrels, Kylie Jenner and new Portland fashion

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGwoJeB-IJIIf you haven't gotten familiar with Jacob J Keller, it's about time you start...The creator of one of the largest menswear review channels on Youtube, AlwaysFreshApparel, Jacob has been on a rocket-ship in the fashion world over the last 2 years. We know there is power in followers. We know that people make livings on Instagram (even though we don’t necessarily know how). We can all see that Keller is #thriving at the moment. However, as with all things post-internet, his movement is happening so fast that we don’t really know what to call it or how to quantify it yet. So far, he is yet to take a step backwards, progressing with each release and surely but not-so-slowly becoming the most important person in Portland fashion. And I bet y’all didn’t even know...Check out our full interview with Jacob from E&E V.2 HERE.UPDATED - Part 2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEMLodZqSbMTVS_0037_2Photo by: Andy Francisco