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Feeling inspired lately? Eager to put your creative talents to work? Or, maybe you are feeling a little uninspired and need a boost. Lucky for you, our very friends over at (No Subject) in Los Angeles are inviting E+E readers to their event series, Create + Cultivate. Believe us, these sessions are not to be missed. You’ll meet great people, make awesome things, and you’ll leave feeling a little more inspired. Oh did we mention there are gifts!

They will have your whole day planned so you can just sit back, relax and feel the creative juices pumping, or maybe that’s the champagne they start your day with (our kind of ladies). Use the special PROMO CODE: CCVIP for a discount. You’re welcome!

Create + Cultivate consists of 5 amazing workshops, 1 inspirational creative seminar, delicious food, happy hours, mixing, mingling and more. This will be (No Subject)’s fourth C+C and they are happy to announce it's going to be at The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on May 18th.

This one-day Create+Cultivate will be focused on bringing you the most amazing DIYs with workshops hosted by:

+Leaf TV

+Mr. Kate

+Jessica Comingore

+Bucket Feet

As well as gifts from :



+Pura Vida


+Keep A Breast

+Blood is the New Black

We told you it isn’t to be missed! You need a weekend away anyways, right? Buy your tickets now and you may just see us there! Don't forget to use PROMO CODE: CCVIP for a discount.

More workshop and pricing info HERE.