Ever wonder why walking into a brightly colored room makes you feel a certain way compared to pale pastel walls? Turns out walking into a neon green room, let’ say, versus a periwinkle blue room, does affects our mood. Let’s face it, colors have some serious power behind them.This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Gurus from India, modern-day psychologists and of course, and marketing geniuses, have been tapping into these powers to influence your feelings and purchasing habits for years. We sat down with Alexandra Hall of Pansophie, a personality and color consulting company in Milwaukie, to get more info on this intriguing topic, where the energy centers in our body play a big role.

E+E: What’s the importance of Colors and Color Energy? Enlighten us!Alexandra Hall: There are several ways colors affect us as well as correlate to our individual personality and chakras. Most people don’t realize they have a “color” attached to their personality. It’s exactly like a horoscope; it tells you a little more about your personality and inner workings.

Here are a few reasons why Color Energies are so important:

1) The seven spectral colors (the colors found in the light rays of the sun) correspond perfectly with the seven chakras. Each chakra controls a physical part of the body.2) Think of the chakras as batteries. Learning to use the different colors to re-charge these batteries can literally become a life-saving skill. You can recharge these batteries using everything nature has to offer: food, gemstones, essential oils, music, even the clothing you wear.3) They also correspond and control different personality traits. Despite the typical individual being dominated by two or three energies, every single person has access to all seven of the chakras, all the time. Understanding how color can bring out certain parts of yourself is critical in this day in age, where so many people want so much from you all the time. For example, yellow is the color associated with mental agility and clarity of mind, not to mention personal power. Surround yourself with yellow when you have to study, research, or write a paper!Color Energies:

Red- The color of physical strength, vitality, courage and passion. Red people are energetic and often athletic types who are grounded, stable, and very sensory/instinctual. When imbalanced, they will have uncontrollable rage or deviant behaviors, often sexual.

Orange- The color of joyful happiness and youthful spirit. Orange people are socially-oriented, sexually open, creative, and often free-spirited. When imbalanced, they will develop addictions to food, drugs, alcohol, video games and so forth to cope with depression.Yellow- The color of optimism, positivity, and mental clarity. Yellow people are friendly and dependable, often with strong logical skills (due to clear mental pathways). When imbalanced, they will stop themselves from feeling anything emotionally, putting up walls against even themselves.Green- The color of emotional intelligence, balance, and love. Green people are trusting and open with others, and often very compassionate and giving. When imbalanced, they will become the opposite of their usual selves: jealous, greedy, suspicious and co-dependent.Blue- The color of loyalty, devotion, and peace. Blue people are highly organized, excellent communicators who often emphasize aesthetics. When imbalanced, they will become manipulative, overly-controlling, and can potentially develop OCD.Indigo- The color of intuition, fantasy, and dream time and/or lonely creativity. Indigo people value following their intuitions in the pursuit of truth. When imbalanced, they will cut themselves off from humanity, become depressed, or have sleeping problems/nightmares.Violet- The color of inspiration, divine spirit, and genius. Violet people are very mentally creative, charismatic and inspired. They often have brilliant ideas that seem to come from somewhere beyond. When imbalanced, they can become tyrannical, dictatorial, and judgmental.Quick Color Tips!1) Never use red in your kitchen decor unless you have trouble keeping weight ON. It makes us feel hungrier, eat more food, and make more impulsive decisions.Instead, use blue in the kitchen, as it is an appetite suppressant.2) Pink is an anti-aging color. The pink light ray, along with essential oils governed by the color pink, such as rose or Palmarosa, have been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A little known fact: you can also create homemade elixirs for yourself simply by placing a pink quartz gemstone in a glass bottle of water and placing it in the sun for a few hours. The sun's rays will be harnessed and focused by the pink stone and imbue the water with its natural healing, anti-aging properties. You can either drink the water, or scent it with rose oil and use it to wash your face.3) The yellow light ray is amazingly detoxifying and has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but you do not need a fancy light machine to treat yourself with any color therapy. All kinds of tools are helpful, such as the gemstone idea listed above. Simply wearing yellow clothing or eating yellow veggies can help you cleanse your body.4) Going to the gym? Always wear red or orange, and maybe eat some red colored fruits before you go. These are physically invigorating colors. Never wear blue or purple, as these colors will not supply any physical energy – they are calming colors.5) For emotional circumstances, heart to hearts, make-ups with lovers or friends, or just needing to more easily access your loving, compassionate nature, use the color green. This is the color of the heart chakra which governs emotional intelligence and overall balance.So what color are you? Here's your chance to find out!! Alexandra is offering to giveaway one FREE test + 90 min consultation to a lucky E+E reader. All you have to do is click HERE and tell us the color you think best fits your personality. GO! Winner will be selected at random.