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words by @Evan_Gabriel

“This is all still new to me,” producer sloslylove [pronounced slow-sly-love] tells me over the phone from L.A. I’ve caught the beatmaker during a night off from his international tour. “The type of shit that I make is the type of shit I listen to. I don’t try to do it. It just comes out that way,” sloslylove says.While instrumental music is being released across all kinds of platforms, many producers have realized the value in giving listeners something physical. Sloslylove, AKA Feng Meng Vue, released 2012’s “Tendencies” on cassette tape. But his latest album, “The Haunted,” which dropped last week, called for a vinyl pressing.“I had the album finished way back in March and had to go through this long-ass process. If anyone’s trying to make an album and have a release date they better be sure they can have it made four months in advance,” sloslylove says.What struck me while listening to “The Haunted” is how intricately sloslylove has crafted his distinctive sound. The songs are consistently built with airy synths and large, 80’s-influenced drums that sound like you’re peering at the sun from above the clouds. “The Haunted” could be a film score.So you’ve been releasing music for a while? “Under [sloslylove] for two and a half years ago, but making music since 2006. That was around when I was a sophomore in college.”What made you want to pursue music? “That’s funny. I went to art school and the whole time I made beats. I went to MCAD [Minneapolis College of Art and Design]. It’s weird. I didn’t do any art. I mean I do all the album art. But I just like music more.”You use a lot of soundbites and samples from movies. Are you a big movie buff? “I‘d like to that I am but I’m not really. My little brother is. He’ll recommend a movie to me. And I’ll watch it and be hyped on it because it will actually be good. I’ll listen to words in movies and as soon as I hear them I’ll immediately hear the soundtrack that goes to every audio sample. It’s not random. It’s really thought out. Some people think I can just do it but i can’t. When I hear something it’s not just like I just throw a bunch of paint on the ground and I can make art with it. I have to carefully place things in their right spot.”Tell me about the tour you’re currently on? I played in San Diego last Thursday and then this spot called Euro Bar in Ensenada, Mexico on Friday. Then Mustache bar in Tijuana. I’m in LA right now visiting friends. Tomorrow I have a show in San Diego and after that I’m playing my last one in Oakland. It’s crazy. The shows themselves have been fun but traveling and not sleeping in my own bed is tough. I like it out here. The weather’s the shit. I could get used to this.”So you’re still living in Eau Claire, WI? “Yeah I moved backed to Eau Claire a couple months back. I was living in Minneapolis for a while.”What’s it like in Eau Claire? “It’s basically woods, small college town, bars, lakes, and a river. Nothing going on.”Do you like it? “Ah man. It’s the shit. I like it because I can only do so much city life before it gets hectic. I like to just be calm.”After touring, do you think you’ll relocate? “I really like San Diego. Tijuana is the shit. People there are there for the music. They’re gonna come out for the music and dance. At the moment I like Eau Claire because I can go unnoticed there, and in Minneapolis. That allows me to create, you know? I like Eau Claire for that reason.”How did your remix for Psymun’s “Talk 2 Me” come about? “Psymun’s known me for a minute. We’ve both been following each other other’s music and are familiar with each other’s work. He’s in basically the same place I am, citywise. He just came over one night and we jammed out and recorded a song. Then later he asked me for the remix.”Where does your name come from? “In highschool my friend and I joked about starting this cover band project where we would re-record 90’s love songs. At the time he didn’t know how to make music and I didn’t either, but he came up with the name if we ever did make the project. It stuck with me and I took it. He’s fully aware, but I like it a lot.”

 What’s your  background? Are you Hmong? “Yeah. A lot of people don’t know that.”Someone tweeted that “The Haunted” was the first Hmong pressed record. “Yeah, I don’t know how true that is. But if it is I’m hyped on it.”