Vic Mensa and SaveMoney team member, Towkio, came to play a high energy show at the Wonder Ballroom, courtesy of DoubleTee concerts. Towkio ran through some heat off his new project .WAV theory, including, Heaven Only Knows, Reflection, and more. His touring is about to start so I'm excited to see where his career goes. Everybody affiliated with SaveMoney is on a huge path. Vic Mensa was the much anticipated man of the evening, and the crowd had a ton of energy the whole night. Vic ran through songs from all various types, set to a backdrop of flashes of light and a live design that would be nice to see in a larger format, on a bigger scale. It was the kind of show that there were some people who didn't know who he was that day, and by the end of the night those same people left as eager fans, excited to hear more.Photos & words by Tiki Monvic1towkio1Vic3vic&towkio2 vic&towkio vic2