Sunday Sounds: WTFest

wtfest2Having survived Sasquatch - my first music festival - I am now addicted. To be surrounded by such a large number of people is overwhelming for sure, but when everyone is putting out the vibes - there's no stress. There's only drugs, friends, and music at that point and that's what you're paying for. Mix that in with sleeping on the ground so everyone has a collective thing to bitch about, and all of a sudden it's a music festival. Only this one comes with the largest wading pool in North America and The Incorporated and Eyes and Edge will be there to really get things turnt.If you want to get a picture featured on our blog, look for the group yelling Young x Hungry or me in jean shorts and a mustache and we'll take a picture of you to feature in our article after the festival.Scope these bands before you get there so you know what you are doing folks. There is some hot shit coming out way. Brace yourselves.