It was a cold Friday night in Portland, pretty typical. The roads were still icy in certain spots, people were slipping and sliding in front of the entrance to 45 East to see Filipino American, DJ Sweater Beats. The venue was the last stop on the For The Cold tour and he went out with a bang by playing live unreleased songs for an eager PDX crowd looking for the perfect blend of Elctro-Emo Pop and R&B undertones. The “Cloud City” artist also had an impressive opener for him before he graced the stage with New Orleans artist Pell. The 24 year old rapper has gotten cosigns from the likes of artist like Sylvan LaCue and a remix of his “Eleven:11” song by G-Eazy. Pell made sure to set the tone for Sweater Beats by getting the crowd pumped up with hits like “Queso” and throwbacks from his 2014 project Floating While Dreaming such as “Runaway”. When Sweater Beats finally hit the stage around 12:30, the vibe was already set for him to take his audience on a ride with moderate synths and heavy bass. The Brookyln based artist captures listeners focus as he will get lost in his own music when constructing his songs live on stage. Sweater Beats passion for his music is written in the expressions his face makes every time there’s a transition in song or tempo. It is apparent that the artist is a student and obvious fan of the music he mixes and mashes. Not only does the “Hey Ya” remix composer hypnotize his crowd with the energy his puts into performing his songs, he also has carefully scheduled backdrops and light cues that help take his audience to the next level. Sweater Beats has been quoted saying he wants to make music that makes you sweat and also for the bedroom. With his dark R&B productional influences, Sweater Beats can have the crowd jumping up and down with excitement and mix the perfect slow jam with the tempo for the lovers in the room and switch the vibe on the drop of a dime with minimal effort. Don’t be surprised if you continue to nothing but good things about Sweater Beats in 2017, as well as Pell.Words by: DJ Jones