We've got another release from Koncept & J57, this time by Hollis! You know the Seattle born Hollis from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis “White Walls”. Porcelain is a song we can envision will be on the radio in a few weeks and the video was shot all over in beautiful Oregon. With the super clean videography and interesting story (the ending though..), the video already has tons of views. And with this the excitement for The Fuel to drop November 20 is building.

The Fuel challenges listeners to decipher exactly what motivates our two heroes, while Koncept grapples with the very same question. Koncept remembers fallen icons Tupac, the Notorious B.I.G. and Robin Williams as he reminds himself to breathe (“Inhale it to breathe now, I'm always exhausted / My fam thinks I've lost it, and you think I'm awesome, which really is it?”), but as he clarifies from the jump, he’s after more than just fame. The title track, featuring Brown Bag AllStars collaborator Akie Bermiss, lands closer to an answer, hinging on an anecdotal lyric inspired by Koncept's own single-parent family: “A woman feeds her kid full meals, having no job / and she did it with her clothes on.” 
The Fuel is scheduled to drop November 20, 2015, paving the way for Koncept & J57's forthcoming debut LP, Flight, coming in 2016. Stay tuned.
Pre-order "The Fuel" EP: https://itun.es/us/qo8J9CR29qzCWEAAP9gXPhoto by: JakeChams