A few weeks back we flew out to New York to host our 2nd Young x Hungry party, this time at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Downstairs in their Studio room we took over to celebrate the printed E&E, Amine´releasing his sophomore EP and summertime in our favorite city - New York.The party was live from start to finish. We started the night with a Mandatory Bounce set then New York based DJ Akki did her thing. Staten Island’s Swizzy Swinton and Aminé featuring the Livin Band ended things and the wildness continued. Check out our next #PRINTEDEANDE for interviews, photos and stories from the rest of our time in New York.Huge thanks to The Tribeca Grand hotel & their staff, all of the artist, The Incorporated, Jenna Haar for the photo talent, Ross Higgins and everyone who came out to our party.IMG_4580IMG_7108IMG_7083IMG_7049 IMG_7088IMG_7126 IMG_7132 IMG_7140 IMG_7170 IMG_7178 IMG_7228IMG_7326 IMG_7369 IMG_7427 IMG_7434 IMG_7581 IMG_7943 IMG_7982IMG_8011 IMG_8020 IMG_8022 IMG_8023IMG_8048 IMG_8059 IMG_8061 IMG_8064 IMG_8076 IMG_8077 IMG_8090 IMG_8109 IMG_8107