What can't be said about this man? From being a funk/soul DJ going by the name of DJ Haircut to the legendary Peanut Butter Wolf signing him to Stones Throw off a random joint that he heard, Mayer Hawthorne has made well-received albums and toured multiple festival/international circuits.mayer1Mayer Hawthorne is a well-rounded performer with features from multiple superstars like Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg which validate his place in the industry. Last time I saw him he had a 1pm time slot at Sasquatch Music Festival 2010, that's a time slot given to relatively unknown artists. Now it's safe to say he'd harbor a more lucrative time slot in the afternoon with the likes of Leon Bridges or Allen Stone, other modern soul heavyweights.His live set includes live drumming, a full band backing him up with mild choreography, outfit changes, guitar playing, and crooning that could break through the toughest ice queen.Opening for Mayer was relatively unknown Brooklynite, Gabriel Garzon-Montano. Despite his quirky straight-forward, sometimes blunt, attitude he is a musician to reckon with. Gabriel was singing with a stress on phonetically pleasing syllables and playing piano with the smoothest of styles, all while rocking some Bowie-sque face paint. Holding down the stage by himself, his personality was on display until the moment he danced off the stage.Besides that, Revolution Hall is our new favorite venue in Portland. Offering 2 full bars, different levels for your viewing pleasure, and even a lounge on the rooftop. This is a refreshing venue in the mix of Portland's seemingly worn out venue choices.Well if you missed out, check out Mayer's new album 'Man About Town' and groove to it like you were there anyways!