Leave Your Mark: South Side Talent

I took a new approach to finding those hidden gems that some call vandalism this week. Usually I have a neighborhood in mind before heading out, but this time I decided to drive until a tag caught my eye just simply heading south on the east side of town. A few blocks into the Hosford neighborhood (the area on the waterfront between Hawthorn and Powell) I passed a telephone pole that read NOMAD. Feeling that this was the sign (literally) I had been waiting for, I parked the whip. Within 20 minutes of walking in what I was considering a random path, I had found all of my favorites to date - HUMEN, more NOMAD, and another huge BERM along with some ┬átalent I haven't seen up North. I was finding tags and throw ups so fast that I felt like a bobble head just whipping around snapping shots. Portland has talent folks so look around, and if anyone ever needs a look out, look no further.Classic NOMAD. Keep'm coming - Hosford Neighborhood Cops slowed down and asked me what I was doing as I found this one. Mind your own bid'nes. HUMEN with the dankness as usual - Hosford Neighborhood  Killin' it with the color ways BERM - Hosford Neighborhood Beautiful garbage - Ross Island BridgeSome South Side from BASS - Hosford Neighborhood Stickers stop for no one - Hosford Neighborhood   Hell. Yeah. Leave Your Mark2D2 - Hosford Neighborhood South Side  tallent  - Hosford Neighborhood Fresh walls on SE 7th - - Hosford Neighborhood