Kevin Garrett's name has been popping up a lot lately. First, it was as a producer and co-writer for Pray You Catch Me on Lemonade. Then it was his stellar performance at Sasquatch and after he made a stop in Portland to play another show at Holocene. We got to catch up with him via email while he was traveling from Sasquatch to Portland. Make sure to stay familiar with him because it's all up from here.EYES &EDGE: Where did the cat joke come from? Has it become a staple to your performance?Kevin Garrett: The cat joke came from my dad because where else would a joke like that come from? It used to be more of a bit but I think I'm gonna retire it from the program pretty soon. E&E: If you weren't creating music, what would you be doing?KG: I'd probably be in a corner somewhere in a huddled mess of emotion trying to figure it out. So really I guess I'd be doing the same thing.IMG_3401E&E: As summer approaches us, what are you most looking forward to during the warmer months?KG: Being indoors and finally getting to work on new music. Goal is to not go outside at all.IMG_3389E&E: You mentioned that you might disappear soon after this tour. Does that mean you have plans to work on a new project?KG: I'm always coming up with new ideas but when I'm on the road it's hard to write because it's just me out there doing a bunch of things. So the goal is to take the summer to record all of these songs I've been writing the way I want to and get them out in the open sooner than later.Photos by Candace  IMG_3430