Almost every up-and-comer that has a future has or is working with Kaytra. His massive unique synth sounds combined with musicality of an OG beat maker sets him apart from every other producer out right now. Recent favorites include joints with Mick Jenkins, Kali Uchis, and Anderson .PaakThis tour is promoting his most recent release, which you should check out if you haven't yet. Opening up the stage for this tour is fellow label mate Lou Phelps. It was nice to hear DJ's that challenge the crowd here in Portland. Most of the people that frequent Euphoria are more prone to rave-y type EDM, having DJ's like Lou and Kaytra push the crowd to different heights.katranadalightroomexports-5 kaytra1 katra2 katranadalightroomexports-3 katranadalightroomexports-2 katranadalightroomexports katranadalightroomexports-4