Glades and Ragged Underwood

Glades and Ragged Underwood
Compound Gallery Presents: Glades and Ragged Underwood

Compound Gallery didn't lie when they said they had some seriously great shows for us in 2013 - starting with this three-person show featuring art by local artists Angie Wang, Vivian Chen and Julia Gfrörer.Inspired by the woodlands and forests that surround us in the Pacific Northwest, January will find our walls covered in representations of what this landscape means to us as organisms in the cycle of life. A place of life, growth, death, decay, mystery and beauty, our interactions with the woods may vary from light to dark, as does the art in this show.

Artist Statements:Vivian Chen: Life in the wild is a continuum. Over time, life turns to death and decay, which in turn becomes the rich base from which new life forms. Beauty becomes shit becomes beauty. In my work, I gather the states on both sides of death in towards the center like folding a blanket, and create a new moment in which life is comprised of both old and new, stillness and violence. Julia Gfrörer: In my work I approach the mythological forest as a symbol of liminality, embodying the chaos and danger that must be confronted in order for transition to occur. Both light and darkness, growth and decay are present and interdependent, perhaps indistinguishable, and human intellect and morality have no purpose in this wild place. Angie Wang: My drawings for this show are based on the idea of beauty and the sublime in nature, and the tension between neat, postcard-sized prints with an accessible sensibility and an orderly composition, and the untamed setting that these drawings were based on. 

When: Opening Reception Thursday, January 3rd, 7 to 10 pm 
Runs from January 3rd - February 3rd
Where: Compound Gallery
107 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209
Curator: Molly Georgetta
Artists: Vivian Chen, Julia Gfrörer, Angie Wang