DEEP FREEZE: When a snow day comes & the city shuts down, there's not too much to do. Except dress up, be whimsical, eat pizza, smoke a j and have a date. Our ultimate girl babe Payton came over and we dressed up in pieces from Solstice Intimates which are handmade in Arizona! Got out our knives and rad ass chokers from Blackwater. Sunnies are a must in the white bright snow. The Giant Vintage shades got us feeling all sorts of sassy. We raided our closets and played snow queen dress up. Our newest fashion photographer, Amanda styled and shot the shoot.img_7818img_7819img_7902ee-roids-7img_7925 img_7837img_8090img_8132ee-december-unedits-9  img_8001img_7959 img_7964 img_7948img_8140img_8156img_8172img_8142img_8174img_8193ee-roids-4img_7826img_7821img_7824