“As the physical world reawakens from a cold winter slumber, it's easy to become lost in the smoothing power of a warm spring afternoon. Daydreamers is spring afternoons; rebirth; cat naps; losing yourself in thought; pleasant distractions; birds singing; flowers blooming; escaping reality; reinvention; beauty.”

This spring, Compound Gallery presents Daydreamers, a two person show featuring Stella Im Hultberg and Suite Charlie.

Suite Charlie is a self taught painter, born and raised in Vancouver B.C. When she was 19 she moved to Japan to travel the country and reconnect with her roots. Back home in 2011, full of inspiration and in need of an outlet she began to teach herself to paint. She is mixed-race (half Japanese, quarter black, quarter white) which reflects in her mixed media oil paintings and juxtaposed subject matter. When not "painting pretty pictures", she likes to visit her grandmother and cook Japanese food together. She is currently working on a graphic novel as a personal project.

"My work is ultimately a way of escaping from reality into my own dream world. I like to think that each of my subjects are living out their own stories, moments of which I capture in paint. While working (generally in oil on wood or paper) stories for these characters evolve. Sometimes they become part of my collection of writings and sometimes they just inspire other ideas. I love to experiment with different media such as origami paper collage. "Daydreamers" allowed me to further expand this aspect of my work. I explored the idea of visual extensions of thought and/ or self, whether that be in ornamental headdresses or decorative flora. The idea of thoughts and dreams transcending the mental into the physical and visual world intrigues me as I hope it does you."

Stella Im Hultberg is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, NYC. Born in South Korea, raised in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and later in California, she studied Industrial Design and worked as a product designer before serendipitously falling into the art world in late 2005. When not painting or drawing, she likes to eat, ride her bicycle, and play the New York Times crossword puzzle.

"Spring is such an exciting season - a brand new start, new life sprouting, all the possibilities that can come to fruition throughout the year. This series of smaller works, for me, is spring time - a rebirth or restart of sort, a kind of gateway into a new beginning.

For some years, I've been struggling to find ways to close the gap between my works - ones for gallery shows or sale and ones that i keep for myself (sketchbooks, usually). With these works, I've tried to at least start the process of reconciliation - a (very) small step toward a slightly looser, more imperfect but more "honest" kind of works that can still tell stories in their own way.

As I let go of control a bit more, maybe a more chaotic, loose, stream-of-consciousness, wabi sabi, and just more natural (to me) kind of work will follow in the rest of the seasons."

Opening Reception Thursday, May 2nd, 7 to 10 pmRuns from May 2nd - June 2nd

Compound Gallery107 NW 5th AvenuePortland, OR 97209

Curator: Molly Georgetta

Images: Hypnopomp by Suite Charlie, Waiting for Spring by Stella Im Hultberg