The queen herself @cheristyle gave us the inside scoop on everything from style influences to working on KPOP music vids. The South Korean style icon, stylist and social personality has all the fashion inspo you need for summer and has big things coming in 2020.

EYES & EDGE: We are obsessed with your style!! What/who influences you?

CHERI: I get inspired by so many things around the world. But my core inspiration would always be in London as the experience I had there changed my life entirely. I was in London College of Fashion for a Fashion Business semester & Styling Summer Course in 2016. About 10 month experience of learning fashion industry plus Living in London really helped me to create my own view of fashion. What I learned from London was this. Never be afraid of being who you are. The words kept being in my heart, asking me to be creative all the time.

The thing that I am always obsessed with the color pink(you can see from my instagram feed) is maybe because my teenage inspiration was Avril Lavigne. I lived in Canada for a year when I was 12. Her hair, her album, her fashion highly influenced me from every way. What I still get from Avril is that she was never afraid to mix things. The girly color PINK could coordinate so well with punk color BLACK! Guess she continuously inspired me from then on.

When putting a fit together do you have a process? or is it different every time? Are you the type of girl that lays out an outfit before bed? Or let inspiration strike you in the morning?

It is always different! haha I would say I just wear whatever it feels like on that morning! Sometimes the song I listen to highly determine what I would wear on the day / or movies.  


EYES & EDGE: If you had to boil your style down to 5 words, what would they be?

CHERI: Mix and Match to Kill

EYES & EDGE: Tell us what it’s like working on the set of a Kpop music vid!!

CHERI: I would say Its all hard work behind the actual good scenes! Good thing is sometimes you get to be friends with people. As a stylist you need to prepare so many things other than just clothing. You get to know people behind the scenes. You will understand how much creativity is needed for one music vid :)

EYES & EDGE: As a social media influencer is there anything that you are trying to change about that industry?

CHERI: I hope in 2020 more brands are open to work & collaborate more with influencers.  

EYES & EDGE: Can you give us a sneak peak at what’s coming next for you?

CHERI: Currently I'm re-organizing and preparing next project for my brand @mixtokill

I am also planning to travel a lot this year to discover new designer brands :)

Please stay tuned!