Bumbershoot, the 3-day music festival held at the Seattle Center is one of the biggest music festivals in the Pacific Northwest. We had high hopes for this weekend, with a stellar lineup, and location, this festival was set-up to be one of the top ones this year. Unfortunately due to weather, the rain brought out some of the flaws. While everyone had dressed for warmer weather the first day, the torrential downpour that occurred for a couple hours changed everybody's mood. Trying to get out of the rain, the crowd flocked for the only indoor venue - the Key Arena. The first day it took us 2 HOURS of waiting in line to get in the Key Arena. For the people paying high prices for tickets, they do not want to wait in a line to get into a venue they originally paid for. Other than that, all the other aspects of Bumbershoot functioned smoothly. The first act that we caught that day was Atmosphere. Slug, of Atmosphere, is an OG on stage and ran through a set of older songs and received a warm welcome when they played 'Sunshine' during the start of the downpour. Another act that caught our attention was Jhene Aiko, although there was a delay on her set because of the rain, she shined brighter than ever and she delivered a flawless interactive set with the crowd.The Weeknd was all that we expected for a modern day legend. He's done his own thing for so long, and we're glad to see him doing it big. The Memorial Stadium was a great place to see The Weeknd, because it offered great viewing no matter where you stood or sat.atmosphere2atmosphere1jhene5 jhene4 jhene2 weeknd4weeknd3 weeknd2Other notable acts include, Flosstradamus, Dave B, Brothers From Another, and Chance the Rapper. All of them put on great live shows, but Chance has the most choreographed set with the lights and a live band to help display a fantastic live performance. We think that Dave B will be next on in the Seattle scene, so watch him closely.daveb2 daveb1 flosstradamus1 BFA2 BFA1Nahko and Medicine for the people had a righteous set, and mixed up the music vibes of the festival in all the right ways.nahko2 nahko3 nahko4  Will we be back next year? Maybe. But as far as we're concerned, the location and the lineup make Bumbershoot, but we'd like to see proper staffing, less lines, and less annoying check in & check out stands at the major stages.