Holly Hoover

Bay Area Rolling Loud with Ill Chris

Holly Hoover
Bay Area Rolling Loud with Ill Chris

Written: Whitney Brielle
Images: Carlos Peralta

While stuntin’ in bape, and swagin on Bay Area Rolling Loud, EYES & EDGE had the chance to shoot the shit and get the DL on all the brand NEW s*** from Seattle rapper Ill Chris. (And if you didn’t catch the load of lyric references there, go blast ‘Kill Shit’ before you even read any further.) The track opened up his Sunday set, and is one of the sickest rage anthems that’s come out of Pacific Northwest.

This was a big moment for the Seattle based rapper, as it cemented his first solo Rolling Loud. He kicked off the festival’s closing day on the High Hemp Stage, and tore things up. He also made on stage appearances with Ski Mask the Slump God, Robb Banks, and Danny Towers. It’s amazing to see an artist from a lesser known hip-hop city really gaining traction, and a crowd show up with so much love. But he’s not just riding the local fan base wave, Ill Chris is making big moves with new sets and another big festival on deck—Los Angeles Rolling Loud in December. 

Holly Hoover & Whitney Brielle, of EYES & EDGE with Seattle Swag & Rap LORD Ill Chris.

Holly Hoover & Whitney Brielle, of EYES & EDGE with Seattle Swag & Rap LORD Ill Chris.

We’ve had a chance to talk with Ill Chris before, (mad good energy and always a vibe.) But at Bay Area Rolling Loud, we got to dive in with a few festival specific questions, and dope new updates. Now blast ‘Kill Shit’ again, and read on:

E&E: When did you get into Oakland?
ILL CHRIS: Early Saturday.

E&E: And what was the Saturday festival highlight? 
ILL CHRIS:Ski’s performance. Definitely.

E&E: Have you enjoyed the Bay Area Rolling  Loud experience?
ILL CHRIS: Hell yes. 

E&E:What’s made this festival better than others? 
ILL CHRIS: This one versus others? This was dope because it was my first Rolling Loud. I did Unruly Festival in Dallas, but this is different. And we’re not stopping with Bay Area. I’m on the bill for Los Angeles Rolling Loud too. Big thanks and excitement for these moves.

E&E: What’s LA looking like for you? 
For LA, expect something completely different. We’re revamping the whole set.


E&E: Wow—that’s a big move. Can you tell me more? 
ILL CHRIS: As an artist you can see different shit unfolding. Evolving. There’s a move from the fast pace turn up stuff, to the more melodic music. It’s allgood—but we’re creating new things. Those anthems. And that will really be present in the LA show.

E&E: How do you feel about your artistry and new music you’re creating? 
ILL CHRIS: I used to be so pressured to make it in. Now (that) I’m here—I get to be myself. 

E&E: You love fashion at LEAST as much as me, and are always swagin’ with mad good style. As a self claimed, (And we totally agree), boss to this fashion shit, talk to me about what you’re wearing. The kicks?
ILL CHRIS:Remake of the shocks. I wanted to be original, and also ya know what? These are mad comfy. Like walking on clouds. 


ILL CHRIS: Side note. I had some air bubbles pop in my LeBrons playing ball—you know if you send them back they refill them for you? Anyway. 

E&E: That jacket is the biggest thing I’m noticing. What brand is it? 
ILL CHRIS:Paradoxic. (Black denim trucker with Paradoxic brand emblem stiching across the shoulders, and python stitched tuxedo lines on the arms. Very dope.) 

E&E: How has it been interacting with the other artists? 
ILL CHRIS:Hearing DaBaby was dope. I fuck with the DaBaby. (Haha.) Mozzy’s set was cool. I wanna see Uzi’s set. Uzi is adorable. Like. “Sing to me Uzi.”

E&E: What is your biggest festival take away and what are you doing next? 
ILL CHRIS:This set down, allowed us to tap a little further into the festival itself. Now, we’re going back to Seattle to revamp, then LA.

Then who knows. Maybe the moon.