With all the recent incredibly horrific shit (excuse our French) happening locally, domestically and internationally, we thought it was time to just hit the 'power off' button on the t.v. and give your eyes and mind a rest. Instead of watching clip after clip of saddening images and listening to stories of killers, why not look at some inspiring/interesting/intriguing imagery. Geez, who can say they do enough of that on a daily basis (all you museum/gallery curators just shhhh)? We aren't doing anything revolutionary here, we just want to give you the short little outlet of beauty and let you know it is still out there.below: Patrick Hruby silk screen

Moley Talhaou -Sweden based artist and illustrator whose show, Epizelos runs until December 21 at the WeSC Superlative Space, 43 Carnaby Street, London

Caroline Wright - "Painting is a dance; it's a wordless response to what's in front of you and what's inside of you."
First: Fantasy in BPM -2011    Second: Summer Light - 2012

"Once what was full of life and thriving, is now forgotten, abandoned and graffitied. These haunting images of a Detroit high school from when there were still students in the classrooms are composited with what the abandoned, decaying building looks like today."

Seen on Dangerous Minds - Images by Detroiturbex


We are in love with emerging artist Jennifer Moreman and her bold colorful paintings.  Left: Vincent the Longhorn - Right: Piece from ikat/chevron series

Local show to check out:

The Lathe of Heaven Group exhibition featuring new work by four local artists in conversation with Ursula K. Le Guin’s 1971 science fiction novel of the same name. The show explores the physical and spiritual geography of Portland through site specific installations by artists Damien GilleyDaniel GlendeningLaura Hughes and Jordan Tull.

Disjecta8371 N Interstate AvenuePortland, OR 97217(503) 286-9449