The After Party Diaries: Alexander Wang at the Rainbow Room

by Stephanie Malik

images courtesy of Sean Zanni/Getty Images 

Leave it to the legendary Alexander Wang to throw the most hyped, exclusive, and actually “cool” event of New York Fashion Week without even trying. Apparently Wang whipped this party together less than a week before, which for him, of course, means the last minute venue of the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center and sponsorship by Courvoisier.

The invitations specified the dress code was “chinoiserie” (we had to google it too) and a “Big Trouble in Little China(town)” theme was noted--an obvious play on John Carpenter's cult classic Big Trouble in Little China (1986). These were no doubt playful tongue-and-cheek references to Wang’s own Chinese-American heritage and likely a sincerer nod to the concurrent Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations that were taking place throughout the city the same week.

Let’s break down the basics of what made this party so insane:

  • Wang moved himself off of the official NYFW calendar in 2018, i.e. he didn’t have a show this week, so this was literally an “after party” for the sake of itself… it wasn’t specifically “after” anything. In Wang's own words the purpose of the party was purely to add a little "spice" to fashion week.
  • People actually showed up ON TIME (this never happens in the world of fashion parties).

  • Upon entering the Rainbow Room there was a gorgeous sea of red paper lantern lights, free cocktails on silver cocktail trays, and traditional, yet kitschy snacks like prawn crackers and custom red fortune cookies. As the New York Times put it, the party "was a veritable United Nations of cultural appropriation." In any other context I'd consider that a backhanded criticism by the NYT, but here it all felt different. Wang and his team knew exactly what they were doing.

  • FYI: The special red fortune cookies inside all read: “Find eternal happiness at 103 Grand st.” As you might have guessed that is the address of Alexander Wang’s flagship store. Somehow Mr. Wang even makes raffish attempts at marketing sponsored by Cash App endearing-- is there anything this man can't do?

  • Other surprise performances included Trina, A$AP Ferg, and the half of City Girls that isn’t in jail. There was also no shortage of beautiful black men voguing on stage between sets.

TBH, we dipped out of the Wang party a little early because of the overly stringent security blocking some of our friends getting in (this seemed to be a problem a lot of people were having, which made the vibe upstairs a little wanting IMHO.)

Next, our team headed to an exclusive little nightspot called The Blond in SoHo, where we all managed to get in and party together until closing. We also got the scoop Dior will be opening a store soon in the meatpacking district! Shhhh, don’t tell.