the-incorporateds-15-cents-1In the world of fashion, it is not often you find someone as comfortable in front of the camera as they are behind it.  I was introduced to Natasha Sandy through her blog, mylifemyfashionpdx.tumblr.com, but soon found out that she is as busy behind the scenes as she is on her Instagram page.  As Fashion Director of Portland Fashion Week, she is on the front lines of PDX fashion, as cool at runway shows as she is with local streetwear crews.  I met up with her at the Ace Hotel to talk Portland Fashion Week, the hottest new designers in Portland, and how to rock sneakers any day of the week.tumblr_mzz6e46iVE1slcqevo1_1280As a fairly recent transplant from Kentucky, Natasha’s passion for Portland’s lifestyle and culture was clear from the moment we started talking.  “Portland makes being yourself easy.  It’s not a trend city, it’s an inspiring city,” she explained.  Inspired by the city’s young, hungry fashion scene, she started volunteering behind the scenes of Portland Fashion week, quickly becoming the Fashion Director.  PFW will have it’s most exciting year yet, holding Spring shows in addition to the annual Fall fashion week.  As the lead for “back of the house” items like casting and styling, she also has a major hand in deciding what designers get to show, giving her a finger on the pulse of anything up and coming in Portland.Less interested in the name on the tag or what everyone else is wearing, Natasha follows her guts when dressing and working with designers. tumblr_mye0m1Mb7C1slcqevo1_1280Interested in fashion from a young age, after attending the Art Institute of Chicago, she worked a number of jobs in retail and at a desk, but they “sucked the life out of her.”  Saying goodbye to Kentucky, she moved to the Northwest and hasn’t looked back, except to share a little of her style and flair with friends back home.  Instead of answering the hail of “what are youwearing?” questions from her friends in Kentucky, she started her Tumblr, where she features new looks daily. Natasha’s style is a new spin on Portland fashion, an updated combination of pieces found at Nike, Asos, Topshop and local retailers like Wild Fang and Mojave.  “I used to be an online shopper, but now I try to make myself part of the city,” she explains, noting the “brick and mortar” essence of Portland fashion.  Her look is inspired by her athletic lifestyle (and her husband’s job at Nike), which is why you will see her wearing sneakers and snapbacks just as often as dresses and high heels.1 With nothing but a bright future ahead, Natasha and Portland Fashion Week are excited for their Spring shows, coming April 25-27 at the Rose Quarter.  To take a look at Natasha’s work at mylifemyfashionpdx.tumblr.com or @natasha_michelle_sandy on Instagram.