Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Experience the enchanting, edible wonderlands crafted by Australian artist Tanya Schultz, also known as Pip & Pop. Inspired by utopian fantasies like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, Schultz uses crystalline sugar to create immersive landscapes that ignite the imagination, triggering childlike wonder and curiosity.

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PIP & POP Australian born artist Tanya Schultz is on a mission to bring the fantasy worlds of such places as Big Rock Candy Mountain and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory into our reality. Inspired by places that have every delight under the sun from chocolate rivers, to edible flowers, right to us and transport us by the means of creating these gorgeous dreamlike scenes that draw both adults and children alike. Made out of pure , crystally sparkly sugar -these edible dream worlds are enough to make anyone salivate. These sugary scenes immediately affect the brain in a whimsical and playful way, making room for us to feel free to roam into the endless possibilities that lie within our imaginations. With her glittery , glowing , imaginary puffs - childlike wonder is heightened and our minds become more free.

Tanya seems to be a master at creating these incredibly fantastical worlds, worlds that are utopian and are a reminder of pleasure that is temporary. If you think about what sugar is, it is something we crave, something that gives us a temporary high and spikes us to a place that feels so good and fuels our brains in a quick jolt, but it will ultimately lead to a crash and a craving for more. I think Tanyas art gives us that feeling of a sugar high utopian perfect reality, we get to admire that perfect world- but just like in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, there is always a symbiotic relationship with seemingly what appears to be perfection, and that is what makes these moments of joy seem so fleeting. Nothing is more fun though, than imagining that fantasy could be more than temporary. What better way to honor that than to create these worlds where we can view that fantasy anytime we wish?

PIP & POP has been especially motivated by a particular fantasy world that some of us may never heard of before which is a medieval french legend called the land of cockaigne .It is an imagined utopian paradise, a decadent place of abundant food where the rivers flowed with honey and the streets were paved with pastries. it emerged in medieval times when food was scarce and people imagined a better place, where they could have everything they desired. there are versions in other cultures such as the dutch luilekkerland or the german version schlaraffenland. they are seen as both aspirational fantasies and cautionary tales of gluttony.

PIP & POP started as a collaboration with another Australian artist Nicole Andrijevic in 2007. They used to spend a lot of time in the studio, sitting on the floor and making stuff. It was a very playful process and we gave themselves nicknames Pip & Pop . Nicole ended up going her own way , a few years ago- so Tanya remains the sole creator behind these incredible landscapes with the help of volunteers along the way of course.

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