Dive into the vibrant world of artist Dan Lam, as she discusses her unique artistic journey with Holly Greene Hoover, editor-in-chief of EYES & EDGE.

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EYES & EDGE: Tell us the story of how it all began… how did you first begin making your art? What city were you in, and what were you doing? I've been creating art since I was a child, and I grew up in Houston, TX. Throughout middle and high school, I took art classes in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. However, my unique style and voice developed during my undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX.

EYES & EDGE: How does your background of being born in the Philippines and immigrating from Vietnam show up in your work? Describe how your background influences your present creative drive. Although I was born in the Philippines, there is no visible connection between my birthplace and my work. However, I believe that my strong work ethic and focus are deeply rooted in the cultural influence of being raised by a resilient mother who overcame significant challenges to bring our family to America. Her unwavering determination to succeed has inspired me to work hard and strive for success. EYES & EDGE: Do you feel pressure from social media to always be ‘creating’? How do you deal with ‘being on’ with social media always a click away? I don't let social media pressure me into constantly creating content. I give myself the freedom to create at my own pace and take breaks to reflect. I prioritize the creative process and limit my use of social media to maintain a healthier relationship with it. This includes turning off notifications and avoiding reading comments after the first hour of posting. While there may be a temptation to post frequently, I focus on creating something I'm excited to share rather than creating just for the sake of posting.

EYES & EDGE: here do you want to travel next? Why? I would really like to visit Iceland because I enjoy hiking and being outdoors to recharge. Based on the videos and pictures I have seen, Iceland seems to have a unique landscape and I believe it would be an inspiring destination to explore. EYES & EDGE: What are your goals for your work this year? In the future? My goal is to continuously improve and challenge myself while honing my intuition. Although I sometimes feel anxious about the future, I understand that ideas manifest when the time is right. The pace of progress varies when creating, and that is normal. In terms of specific goals, I am excited to create larger sculptures, installations, and showcase my work in more museum exhibitions.

EYES & EDGE: What advice would you tell your young self today? Trust your instincts - they always guide you in the right direction. EYES & EDGE: Favorite meal right now? What is it and what restaurant can we get it at? One of my favorite meals right now is a Vietnamese dish called com thit nuong, which consists of rice, grilled pork, and fish sauce. I personally enjoy having it with a fried egg as well. There's a great restaurant in Garland, Texas called Pho Bang where I like to order this dish. EYES & EDGE: Where can we buy your art?! You can buy my artwork directly from me! Just send me a message through my website at Additionally, my artwork is available for purchase through some excellent galleries like Hashimoto Contemporary and Chefas Projects. ‍Upcoming Must See Projects: Summer: July 7 - August 5 Solo exhibition Chefas Projects Portland, Oregon Winter: December 16 - January 6 Exhibition Hashimoto Contemporary New York, New York

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