Photos & Words: Kristina The X Ambassadors swung by to say hello to the good people of Portland at thebeginning of May for the beginning of their “Joyful” Tour. The rock band fromIthaca, New York, Started the night off strong with one of their first hits, “Jungle”.The three-piece band, backed by their back up instrumentalists and threebackground singers, Literally blew the crowd away with their epic sub drops andconsistent high energy. XA had released their first full length album, ‘VHSʼ back in2015 and a deluxe re-release in ʼ16. The b&nd had begun releasing singles at thebeginning of 2018 with the debut track and inspiration of their tour, ‘Joyfulʼ, whichbrings that familiar display of emotional and powerful vocals and a heart stirringmessage. X Ambassadors did more than bring a consistent stream of thatinfectious energy and power with their performance, but left the crowdencouraged and dare I say, 'Joyful'.Accompanying the X Ambassadors during their visit to Portland and opening theevening was Jacob Banks, Singer/Songwriter From Birmingham, England. TheEnglish artist gave us a proper taste of what the blend of Alternative Soul, R&Band Hip-Hop sounds like. Banks had released his EP, ‘The Boy Who CriedFreedomʼ in 2017 followed by the featured single in the Fifty Shades Freedsoundtrack, ‘Diddy Bopʼ. The audience was either pleasantly familiar with orintroduced for the first time to his iconic “Soulfully Edgy” voice which got thecrowd moving and warmed up for the headlining X Ambassadors.