A casual conversation with Chris Emerson of What So Not at Sasquatch! FestivalPhotos & words by: McKinnley

 Chris and I took a walk down to a nice viewpoint while we chatted about almost everything. One of those topics was warm vs. cold showers. Fun fact, it’s been just over one and a half years since Chris has taken a warm shower - cold shower team, let's go!As we talked inspiration and touring life, I learned that Chris is one of the most raw and real artists I’ve had the pleasure to meet. He isn’t afraid to speak what’s on his mind and give thoughtful answers. While asking him if the tour life is the right decision for someone looking to move in the same direction he is, I was told "of course. If you have the opportunity to experience something like that for a portion of your life and you feel you are ready - do it."

When What So Not was first created it was Emoh Instead (Chris) and Flume. The two of them were collaborating together under the name “What So Not” and quickly they progressed to the point of full time touring and gigs. After two plus years of What So Not (the duo) the two decided to part ways due to creative differences. Both believe that it was the best decision. They let the world know by posting a Facebook status on their page explaining that What So Not was splitting up, and of course they made that post on the date of my birthday. What a sad birthday gift!Everyone was worried this would be an end to something great but it turned into two great creations. Flume releasing SKIN and which secured a Grammy! What So Not just releasing his first full length album alongside a full length bus tour across the USA. Sasquatch was one of Chris’s last stops on his bus tour before heading over to Europe to continue his tour on the other side of the world. Major! I asked him what items be brought with him on the tour. His surfboard was one key possession to go on the bus and he got to surf three times! This will hopefully be enough to keep him going. Chris is an active man and he explained his need for surfing and other physical activities while he was on tour. That alongside healthy eating and his dance workouts he gets during every show keep him balanced.Live elements of his show are really important to Chris. He takes great pride in what he’s creating. The more we talked the more I learned that Chris is a very creative person. He uses everything around him for inspiration and does his best to keep those who inspire him in his life.Like most performers, sleep just sometimes isn’t an option. For a while he was doing four hours of sleep a day during the grind of pushing towards success on a world wide tour. After learning about REM sleep and how it affects your body when you no longer achieve it, he changed a lot of his habits. Without REM you can jeopardize memory loss, cognitive function and the ability to dream. That alone made him make the switch to getting a full night’s sleep every night and putting his health first. 

Jam to all of What So Not's music and remember to stay balanced this summer!