The beautiful Jorja Smith treated us Portlanders with a stunning performance at the Wonder Ballroom this past month. Jorja's powerful vocals have a soulful vibe compare to the likes of Rihanna and Ms. Lauren Hill. The British singer dazzled the audience with her songs including 'I Am', a feature song on the Black Panther album.Ama Lou, just 19 years old from North London, opened the show for Jorja. She released a couple of singles at the tail end of 2016 and into early 2017 and is getting ready to drop a series of EP's starting later this month. Her first EP, 'DDD', just debuted at the end of March. Ama and Jorja are great friends from London, and the two will be touring together through the end of May. These gorgeous, multi-cultural and just all around fierce women are making waves in the music industry and we cannot wait to see what they do next. Jorja will finish her international tour in August, and her debut album, entitled 'Lost & Found', is all set for release on June 8th. Stay tuned!Photo: AddisonWords: Abbey