Photos by: CandaceWords by: HollyI've always been inspired by the ocean. Coming from the Midwest, the ocean and ocean type products just weren't....right. I begged my parents to move to California when I was 13 just so I could swim in the ocean everyday.Listening to Siren and the Sea for the first time took me back in ways I wasn't prepared for. Before moving to Portland, I lived in Sydney, Australia for a year. In wild, fun Oz I worked for a marketing company & got tickets through work to see Florence and The Machine live.It was a seated performance in a artsy part of town.  I went with a work colleague - we sat, white wine in hand, no idea what to expect. I had never been in such a small space with such a creative force. Ceremonials was very newly released & I left shaken to my core.Tiki put me onto Siren & The Sea a few months ago. Every time I heard Cristina's voice on my Soundcloud, my mind would whip back to that night in Sydney. And to my life before Portland.On the opening night of This Time With Feeling, Blossom moved us into a great rhythm with Neill crafting beats and Corey on drums. Then Cristina brought her band out. While I watched Cristina explain her vision and dream to the audience and then perform - I couldn't help but know I was witnessing history.I've been blown away by the talent coming out of Portland. Keep it up creative family. Show the world what the Pacific Northwest is all about.