Coming from Northern New South Whales in Australia, Juliet Allen has a fresh approach to sexuality coaching. Her thought? Being in touch with your sexuality will open your life in mind-blowing ways, in & out of the bedroom. After exploring her online courses we knew we had to chat with her...
EYES & EDGE: First of all, tell us how you got into your career. What sparked your interest in sexuality coaching?
Juliet Allen: Well, since I can remember I've been really in tune with my sensuality and sexuality. I spent some of my teenage years in north-east Brazil and I feel that the Brazilian culture had a huge impact on my ability to feel comfortable and sexy in my body. I spent my 20's teaching yoga but always had a feeling that it wasn't deep enough ... so I studied a Masters in Sexology and immediately felt like it was my life purpose to empower others to feel sexually free and alive.
E&E: How do you approach the topic of sex with different types of people?Juliet: Easily ... I tune into where people are at within their own sexuality and sexual confidence and naturally approach the topic from that space. I'm a people person, and I feel comfortable talking about sex, so talking to different types of people about sex comes naturally for me.

E&E: Society's views are slowly changing in regard to sex, sexuality & the surround stigmas. We still have a lot of work to do. What areas are you hoping to see significant change sin the coming years?Juliet:What first comes to mind is change for the LGBTIQ community ... I feel things are shifting slowly in this area, and same-sex attracted people are being more accepted in our culture ... but same-sex marriage is still not legal in Australia, which really saddens me!
E&E: Can you give us some pointers in embracing & being empowered by one's own sexuality? Juliet: Definitely! First step is learning to embrace ALL that you are - the darkness and the light. Feeling sexually empowered isn't about looking sexy, it's about being completely authentic in your sexual expression! So, get yourself a coach who can help you with this and support you to feel more empowered as an individual.
As part of this process self-pleasure is essential ... learn the wisdom of your own body and this will transform your sex life!