Holly Hoover


Holly Hoover

How can cannabis improve your sex life? Specifically, how can WEED LUBE improve your sex life?

We chatted with Kiana Reeves of Foria Wellness, a company specializing in cannabis lube, about the connection between cannabis and sexual health, and how they are taking steps to educate the public on topics around health & wellness, cannabis and sex.

Foria is personally one of my favorite brands.  Their lube is amazing in all the ways - smell, touch and even taste! But I was curious about the science behind it...

“Cannabinoids help promote homeostasis in the body. Studies are showing that CBD, in particular, has an impact on cortisol production, which is a key player in our stress response and nervous system up-regulation. Think of CBD as a cannabinoid that helps your body adapt to stress and supports the nervous system balance.”

I consume cannabis regularly, but what was this lube doing specifically for me? CBD is gaining ground in mainstream media and culture, and people are beginning to understand that it can be used for pretty much any bodily ailment, including painful sex. Many women experience internal pelvic pain during sex, and CBD helps promote relaxation of those muscles.

“While there are no known studies specifically focusing on CBD and sex, we can extrapolate that some of CBD's primary benefits — shown in various clinical studies — could also be helpful in the bedroom and beyond. Used both topically and orally, CBD is an anti-inflammatory, with relaxing effects on muscle tension that also eases the circulation of blood to tissues. Blood flow is the basis for arousal, and with increased arousal and decreased tension many of our customers have experienced heightened pleasure when using our topical arousal oils like Awaken and Pleasure. Our approach is to blend CBD with other plants that have a long history of use as aphrodisiacs, due to a wide variety of effects — plants work better together.”

Foria’s lube is more effective on vaginas, and is an amazing tool for self-pleasure if you have a vagina. Often we think of lube as something we use for penetrative sex, but weed lube is great for clitorial stimulation. 

“The tissues of the vagina and the inner vulva are made of a mucosal lining. These tissues are highly absorbent, thus cannabinoids used in these areas absorb quicker and more thoroughly than they would on a person with a penis.”

Through well-rounded sex education platforms, like @foriawellness on IG, we are beginning to dismantle the myth that masturbation is for when you are lacking in a sex partner.  Rather, sex with yourself is about a special ritual of self-pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation. Unfortunately, Instgram is shadow-banning all of these platforms one by one, targeting literally any page that speaks on topics of sex, sexuality, empowerment and feminism.  


“We recently were shadowbanned. Social media platforms have been coming down hard on all sex educators since FOSTA/SESTA passed. It makes it very difficult to connect with a wider audience which is unfortunate because quality sex education should be something all people have access to.” “Sex education is important for the public. Cannabis education is important for the public. Both of these topics are so relevant to the conversation of wellness and both simultaneously have gone through decades of shame and misinformation. Fortunately, we are in a moment where these conversations are being re-ignited and people are experiencing first hand the power of plants and their healing potential in and outside of the bedroom.”

We are so excited about this revolutionary time for sex and cannabis, yet perpetual censorship is preventing the education and products from spreading as fast as they could.  Who decides what gets censored and what doesn’t? Who is to say that Foria’s platform isn’t “family friendly”? We will be looking into these and many more questions in the future.  Feel free to forward us any questions you have around this topic and we will be stoked to look into them for our next article on the subject!

I will leave you with my one burning personal question I had for Kiana of Foria:

ON: “Will cannabis lube feel more intense for a non-weed smoker?”
Foria: “Not necessarily. These cannabinoids are being absorbed locally in the tissues, and being absorbed into the body in a different way than oral ingestion. We have responses from cannabis users and non-cannabis users about the effectiveness of our products that suggest these products are working similarly for most people.”


Written by Olivia North, E&E Lifestyle Editor.

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