Sellah is serving up fresh sounds this summer. While influenced by classic R&B and hip hop, his unique style defies genre constraints. In a steady stream of 2019 song releases, the Cape Town-based singer has deftly moved between spitting rhymes and soulful crooning. By turns harsh and honeyed, boisterous and introspective, his music is thoroughly modern. An infectious enthusiasm and easy smile bely the gravitas and maturity of his lyrics. While his music is danceable and energetic, it deals with serious topics of self-reflection and growth, love and hate. His stylish stage presence and killer looks have been making waves in the Cape Town live music scene and he is poised for an international breakout. 


Interview by Richard Pallardy

Also a model and actor, Sellah was recently featured in GQ South Africa and appears in the fashion documentary series The Beautiful People.

His new single, “Stacks,” is out now.

I queried the artist about his style, his influences, and his musical goals. Between gigs and shoots, he took a few moments to respond.


Can you describe your musical style? 

My music nowadays is based solely on how my soul is resonating during a given season. This current season was more about my inner rage. That’s why I made a hip-hop album. I strive to be as authentic as possible these days. 

Who are some of your influences? 

Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, Deftones, Pharrell, Omarion, Ginuwine, Lil Wayne, Oasis, Usher, Robyn, Jon B.

Are there current music artists whose style you really like? 

Tierra Whack, J.I.D., Liana Banks, Karli, SYD, Porcelain Black, AJ Radico.

What do you want your music to convey to the audience? 

Honesty, rawness, and vulnerability.

What do you like most about performing? 

When I catch the right wave of energy, everything sounds perfect and I hit every move right on time. The crowd's reaction syncs up with that wave. That inspires me and allows me to keep going, without limits. 


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