As we head out to the gorge for Memorial Day weekend, we see many bright faces driving down the long road into the camping area of Sasquatch Music Festival. This place has something for every type of music listener, and once in a lifetime views to go along with it. As we step into the festival grounds and roam until our feet hurt, we get to see what an amazing time it was this year to be at Sasquatch.Day 1: As day one started off we took a moment to listen to Corey Harper, a singer songwriter who just recently got off tour with Justin Bieber. A soft voiced, good looking guy with a sweet set of hands that can shred on the guitar. He was nothing short of amazing, and there probably wasn’t a better person to start off this festival with. The momentum took a heavy swing in the other direction as we headed over to see Thee Oh Sees. This heavy punk rock band really pounded your ears into the ground with an awesome mixture of crazy solos, loud screams and just overall insane band coordination. Thee Oh Sees are well known for their unique style and two drummer ensemble that plays everything the exact same. Taking a left turn down music street, we hit up Flint Eastwood for a banger of a set. Going into this knowing nothing about what kind of music this band played, the surprise was worth it. Placing them in an Alternative Indie Rap category would be probably bang on. They took on a small crowd but managed to grow it over time as people noticed their punchy and powerful songs that were loud and fun. Something new to listen to if you are stuck on finding new music that is for sure.Heading onto the mainstage next was in my books, one of the best performances I have ever witnessed of a musical group. LCD Soundsystem took my heart away by the second song into their set as they jammed through “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” a few tears came down my eyes. They completely rocked the mainstage, played new music alongside old and even announced they have finished their next album! LCD Soundsystem could not have put on a better show. As LCD Soundsystem came to an end the crowds rushed across the festival grounds as Kaytranada took the stage to pump out funky beats as day 1 came to a close. After having seen his set at Coachella a month previous and not enjoying it, I was on the fence about seeing him. He surprised me this time around and really brought back what I like about Kaytranada. Groovy tunes and funky swings all around, he had everyone in the crowd busting a move until they got back to their campsites and headed to sleep.Day 2: Whoever picks the starting sets for Sasquatch needs a huge raise, Klangstof started off day 2 with an amazingly beautiful set. Coming from Amsterdam the band brought their soft rock vibes and shot them directly into my heart with their hit song “Hostage”. They brought killer vocals alongside cool keyboard licks and made a great first impression on the many young millennials that watched their set.Taking a break for a few sets we got back into action with the Arkells, a Canadian pop rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. From start to finish they had the crowd with their hands to the sky shouting about how no one really uses payphones anymore. We sat down with lead singer Max Kerman and lead guitarist Mike Deangelis on the topic of stuff, and got to know the band a little better than most. A great way to spend the hours of seven to eight at night during day two was American Football's set. They brought out the crowds inner teen angst, and really pushed to show who they are as a band. With soft vocals alongside easy drums and cool guitar licks, American Football should be a group to put in your weekly playlist if are feeling like you need some emotional soft rock.Coming into this festival I was already a fan of Vulfpeck, but seeing them live made me realize how much I really love this group. The funk band from Michigan took Sasquatch on a trip through music land and had everyone on their feet. With insane vocal melodies from Theo Katzman accompanied by Charles Bradley, this set was nothing but funk and soul straight to your heart. I couldn’t have asked for a better set to end off day 2 at Sasquatch.Day 3: As we headed down into the festival grounds for the last day of music, it was interesting when I realized this would be the first hip hop act that was on my list. Going by the name Boogie, he really does make you boogie as he slams down heavy rap vocals and gets the crowd on their feet with their hands in the air. Running across the stage and jumping into the crowd mid song is something only Boogie would do during his set. With constant movement and great crowd control Boogie put on a great set mid way through day three.If you want to watch two singers in a band become so sexual and inviting to watch, July Talk is who you want to put on your must see list. From start to finish with both male and female vocals they rocked the stage and were constantly getting the crowd involved. These guys are a must see act if you want something that will both wow you and make you question their on stage decisions.One of the best headliners I’ve had the pleasure of seeing was none other than Chance The Rapper. With one of the best live hip hop sets out there he definitely took the crowd on a trip. Making old and new songs into different ones with new instruments and pave changes, his set was something sent from the gods of music. With nonstop hits and songs you know all the words to, he got every single person at Sasquatch screaming how much they love their Sunday Candy.Having the final set at a music festival is probably the toughest thing you can do, especially if it’s right after an amazing headliner like Chance The Rapper. Luckily RUFUS DU SOL  knows exactly how to turn a final set into a mindblowing festival ending musical performance. Right from the start this alternative dance music group set the bar high for next years festival closers, and really brought the crowd together through the power and genuine love brought out in their music.This was my first and for sure not my last Sasquatch I can tell you that. If you want to go to a festival that is different from the rest, this is the one for you. Good people, music, food, camping and beautiful views are what you can find down at the Gorge. Nothing so far beats this festival for overall experience and enjoyment. Leaving the festival makes me excited for next year as I know it will be double the fun and double the pleasure. Words by: McKinnleyPhotos by: McKinnley