Photographer: @robwoodcoxphotoModel: @miss_bennyMakeup: @miss_bennyWardrobe: @nylaurentAssist: @stephswangsta & @hollyhoover_

EYES & EDGE: At such a young age you have shaped your image in such a graceful and beautiful way. Where do you pull inspiration?
Miss Benny: That’s a very kind compliment, thank you. I’ve evolved so much in such a short amount of time as I’ve grown up, so my sources of inspiration change a whole lot. These days I pull a lot of inspiration both from self-exploration, and from discovering and collaborating with other queer artists online. The internet is wonderful for that. Sometimes in an overwhelming way. There are always a million new things to consume and be inspired by every day.

E&E: Tell us about the funniest thing that has happened on YouTube? We want to know more about this part of your life!
MB: Oh boy, I have so many stories about my time as a YouTuber. One memory that comes to mind occurred when I held my first meet and greet. I had just released a music video that tackled heavy topics like gender roles, and the harmful effects they can have on young people. At the same time… I had also released a video on my YouTube channel where I used special FX makeup to transform myself into a literal egg. Like, I blocked out my eyebrows and made a foam headpiece and became an egg. This girl in the meet and greet line had waited over an hour to meet me and when it finally came time for us to meet, she mentioned how much my recent video had changed her life. I assumed she meant the music video and began to thank her for being open-minded to blurring the lines of the gender-spectrum with me. To which she clarified that she was referring to the egg video. That moment then proceeded to occur at every meet and greet for the next two years.

E&E: What do you hope you are doing in 5 years?

MB: I really just hope I’m happy and enjoying what I’m creating in five years. Either that, or that I’m on my fifth marriage and wearing a fur coat somewhere.

E&E: Can you leave us with some words of wisdom?

MB: My mantra lately has been that sometimes you just gotta say “yikes” and move on. If you try to shift or focus on things that are not in your control, it’ll drive you kooky.