Last week LA-based alt-Americana duo The Michigan Rattlers rolled into Portland for their first ever Stumptown show, and Graham Young and Adam Reed showed why their young project has been garnering attention from the likes of Rolling Stone, who recently name the Rattlers one of the "10 New Country Bands You Should Know About." The band's gritty-but-tuneful take on country music includes many a late night tale and has drawn comparisons the bands in the Uncle Tupelo family tree, and after catching the Rattlers live one can see where the hype is coming from.

Young and Reed grew up together and that comfort with each other is amply conveyed on stage and in their performance; for a new band they seem totally at ease and comfortable up there, and that easiness translates to their sound—you get the feeling these guys could be singing about people you know. Despite just having the two instruments on stage, the Rattlers' sound is a full one that's tinged enough heartbroken rock n' roll to draw a comparison to Ryan Adams' more country-leaning solo work (not Whiskeytown, as RS proposed), and to make further genre-bending possible as the band continues to develop.
Dig into the band's very enjoyable debut EP below, and keep your peepers peeled for more developments from The Michigan Rattlers, as for once I agree with something Rolling Stone said about music: this is a band worth knowing about.
Photos by CaitlinWords by Donovan Farley