Flashing red lights, pulsing beats, and an undeniable heat. The only thing hotter than LTRMN’s new apparel, was the turn up at their recent merch launch party.This past Friday the 13th,  LTRMN soft launched their new merchandise with a major function. Nestled in a loft-vibe space in China Town, (typically dedicated to Sticks & Stones jewelry) the cannabis distribution and brand house giant spared nothing on this epic eve.The event was executed in collaboration with Whitney Brielle, and led by LTRMN Brand Manager, Alex Veltri. Post party, we were able to catch up with the elusive Veltri—aka AV—for a quick Q&A. Get LTRMN’s new merch line ONLINE and the full scoop from AV below:EYES & EDGE: What inspired the line?AV: We wanted to keep it simple but refined. The first collection had to directly represent the brand in its truest form so we kept with the white on black for everything and rallied in some sport casual aesthetic for people to lounge with this summer. Sidebar: I can’t get over how comfortable the shorts are.E&E: What are the future plans for development?AV: This first run allows us to extend our creativity further for Fall Winter 18. I’ve been super excited about the design process this time around. We’re stepping into many different worlds that I don’t think people would expect. I can’t give any details but expect a lot more in the upcoming seasons.E&E: How long have you been working on it?AV: February 2018E&E: Who's initial vision to do merch?AV: Collectively the marketing team decided it was time.E&E: What was the vision for the event?AV: I just wanted people to have fun and be proud of the space they were partying in. I think the red lights, neon LTRMN sign, deli board style sale sign all kind of contributed to this raw and unfiltered bodega underground style feel.   E&E: Any behind the scenes tid bits from the event?AV: I kept asking Whitney how soon we could get in the space. Mind you the event was Friday and I was trying to come in Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to make sure everything was dialed and ready to go—without forgetting anything. Long story short, we didn’t get in until Friday morning—as events and pop ups typically go—and had less than 8 hours to strike the entire space and rebuild it for LTRMN. Luckily, I had a few super dedicated people helping out. (Big thanks there!) Final touches were happening at 6:50 pm- ten minutes to doors open. But we killed it. E&E: How do you see this project and LTRMN impacting cannabis perpetuation in the community?AV: Our goal entirely is to normalize cannabis. I think overall we have a very cohesive aesthetic. From the Instagram, to the LTRMN Live content, to the way people feel at our events, to the way our merch looks. We are making an impact every day by bringing the cannabis to the world in a way it hasn’t been done before.E&E: Any final words?AV: This is just the beginningCredits:Interview with Alex VeltriWords by: Whitney BrielleHost: Sticks & StonesLTRMN campaign images: Nathanial GrayLTRMN party images: Jalen Carbajal