Young, new talent continues to grow in Portland - check out our Q&A with the rising rose, [E]mpress:EYES & EDGE: Where does your inspiration come from when you are writing your music?[E]mpress: The world - my personal environment - and everything that’s not around me! All of it plays a big part in how I create and how I feel. What I speak is reflected through the music I make creating an avenue where I can express myself and have relatable qualities that other people may feel. It also really just depends. Some days I can start writing a verse inspired off watching a cartoon 20 minutes prior or a character from a movie. Some days I need to sit down and develop an actual concept and arranging the delivery. Some days I need to ensure a very direct and structured approach to writing. 

E&E: What do you want your audience to think/feel when they listen to your music?[E]mpress: When people listen to my music I want them to the feel the energy of a thousand suns.

For however long the set is, let it be five mins to an hour, for those moments, I want people to feel like they belong. I want every Emotion that has ever coursed your veins to be exposed the second that beat drops. Feelings are a huge thing for me and play apart in how I express myself to my friends and family and other.E&E:What is it like to be in the hip hop industry in the midst of the social revolution that is happening right now?[E]mpress: I think it’s exhilarating. Here we are in a time and place where music is being combined to a multitude of different sub genres and different styles. Everyone is adding their two cents to what they feel is art. Plus it gives me a musical excuse to write more Anti-Trump things - haha! E&E: Which artists inspired you to want to be in the music industry?[E]mpress: Oh man, that’s a tough one because I spent most of my entire childhood listening to everything. My mom put me on at a young age to the music she listened to as a kid/teen thank the Lord! I would say who has inspired me the most would be between Michael Jackson and James Brown. Understanding how much work was put in for those shows and concerts, the huge dance routines, crazy cool outfits, props and stage setup, lights and special effects-he just helped me see the bigger picture and what it really means to be an Entertainer.

E&E: Describe yourself in 3 words. Describe your music in 3 words.[E]mpress: Myself in 3 words...  well, I would say mystical, authentic and very, very passionate. On the music side I would say visionary, innovative and spontaneous. Photos: Will Ensign