We got to chat with the ultra talented Aussie, Yasmin Mund. The travel photographer has a lot of creative ventures & we needed to know more!EYES & EDGE: Your accomplishments are incredible, as is your photography. Can you tell us what led you to photography, and in particular travel photography?Yasmin Mund: I started experimenting with photography when I was in high school. I took a photography subject and my school had a few film cameras, a dark room and some digital cameras. Knowing vaguely that I wanted to do something ‘visual’ I enrolled in a Design Visual Communications degree that I didn’t really love until my final year, where I undertook an honours project on universal dreams and dream imagery. I spent the year researching and creating working only half a day per week at a photo studio to pay the bills. It was one of the best years of my life so far. I learnt so much about myself as an artist and developed the start of a style for myself as a photographic artist.

From there I went on to work full time for the photography studio for three years. At this point I knew that I wanted to travel but hadn’t managed to save enough money to do so. So, I quit my studio job and picked up another four off jobs and saved up and left on a one way ticket.

I took my photography gear, but I never thought it would turn into a year of photographing. The initial idea was to just travel, see the world, and volunteer in India for a month or so.

After I finished volunteering teaching photography in India, I travelled around India for 2 months and I very quickly realised that I wanted to go to places to photograph them. It happened very organically, and from then on I traveled to where I wanted to capture and this then turned into the other best year of my life so far!E&E: Can you tell us about Slow Travel magazine and your role as an ambassador?Yasmin: Liss and the Slow Travel Mag team contacted me while I was traveling in 2015, wanting to publish my work and then asking if I would come on board as a slow travel ambassador. Slow Travel Magazine is currently a soft launched website that is soon to be launching a print edition, the philosophy of slow travel is about connecting with the local culture, nature and environment of your destination. It’s about travelling not about holidaying, it encompasses adventure and not necessarily luxury - although it can. Overall it encourages you to slow down and be curious about where you are. This philosophy suits my travel style, I naturally do this when traveling to a new place so it was a perfect match!
In line with it’s mantra Slow Travel Magazine also likes to feature analogue photography in its publishing, I shoot most of my personal work on film as I find it makes me slow down and take more care of what and when I’m shooting.E&E: The ‘Tanlines’ project that you are collaborating on is absolutely stunning. Can you tell us about that project and the inspiration behind it?Yasmin: Tanlines (@_tanlines_) project is a photography collaboration between a photographer friend of mine Monica Pronk and myself. We combine fashion, art and landscape photography shot by the ocean. We wanted to do a take on ‘babes in bikini’s’ that was more tasteful, natural, real and diverse that was broken up and complimented and mirrored by land and seascapes.We have a strict colour palette that we work to and like featuring real people as well as up coming models to not perpetuate more of the unattainable fashion icon/insta babe that is flooding all of our feeds.
We have recently started collaborating with swimwear brands and other clothing brands! It’s exciting times! We also have a goal for next summer to create our first Tanlines exhibition! Stay tuned and follow along.E&E: What has been a point of inspiration for you recently?Yasmin: I have recently started as a casual tutor as Western Sydney University teaching Visual Storytelling, to be honest, the stories my students have come up with have inspired me!!! This has taken me completely by surprise! Otherwise Art, Design and Nature are constant inspiration in my daily life.
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