Concept/Photographer: Rob WoodcoxMUA: AleModels: KylaLance & TirzahProduction: Holly  Behind the scenes with Rob:It was so much fun getting to work with all of the models. I am sure people would be curious what it was like to work with Kyla from America’s Next Top Model. First of all, she is so down to earth, and such a wonderful person to work with. I really enjoyed that fact that she was so open and willing to create together. She was still going to be in Portland for a few more days before moving down to Los Angeles, and she was totally down to do the shoot, so I definitely jumped on that opportunity.Working with her was such a dream. I literally just felt like a shoot with a good friend! It was so amazing finally meeting Lance and Tirzah as well. They had been on my list of models in the Pacific Northwest to work with for over a year. Getting to work with all three, and experience the positive energy that they each brought to the set was so beautiful.We faced a lot of challenges with this photoshoot. Throughout the shoot the models had to endure the patience of being very still while connected to all these very delicate strings. Which also happened to be very itchy on their faces, but they couldn’t touch their faces at all.The whole production was such an experimental challenge for everyone involved. It was really amazing getting to work with all three models and get to see their patience, see their strength, see their vulnerability, and celebrate that.It was a really fulfilling experience, which spoke to the concept itself of the power and the strength that we have when we work together. It was so wonderful getting to see the whole set come together along with the incredible talent of the makeup artist who designed such beautiful creations on each of the model’s faces. Every piece came together beautifully and it really drove home the message of working together, which helped to create such a fulfilling experience.