Art & Insights: Dina Lockridge

▽ARIES FULL MOON || LIGHT YOUR FIRE ||This Full Moon in Aries calls you to examine the parts of you that were once ignited perhaps even inflamed + have over time become extinguished. This pertains to all areas of your life but most predominantly those areas of creativity + sexuality. Examine the depths of where parts of yourself feel deserted, abandoned, rejected or repressed. Those dehydrated parts shed light on where you are meant to give yourself care, love + attention. Be afraid not of the human illusions + stories we tell ourselves to avoid or deny parts of ourselves. Face these + dismantle the fear that keeps you hiding. Begin with one + master it + watch how the others follow suit to embark on an inner journey funding yourself in a new way.▽MANTRA :: I enlighten myself ▽

We are still reflecting on the fall equinox too!

Take time to settle in and rejoice fully!

▽AUTUMN EQUINOX || EMBRACE THE EBB ||Hard to believe that fall is upon us. It feels as if this summer was a sweet fleeting dream and yet here we are at our autumnal equinox. The time when the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated. The term equinox is derived from Latin meaning “equal night”. The time when both the light and darkness are at an equilibrium. One of the most powerful inspiring parts of nature and the cycles that exist is how they parallel our inner lives, the aspects of symbolism they represent. So, while the earth is shifting seasons from more balance of light to dark we are as well. Light is the expansion, the wonder, the extrovert, the dark symbolizing going within, perhaps being more contemplative, cocooning, turning a bit more introvert from the outgoing self to more solitude spent moments. As we feel and see nature shifting we follow its lead witnessing our inner world also transforming even in subtle ways. A lovely way to welcome these shifts and season changes is by way of rituals or ceremonies. Any short or elaborate offering that creates a time of consciousness connecting to yourself and the cycles of the earth is a sacred time to evoke tranquility and pause with ourselves, our goals, dreams, and wishes.

Take time to meditate, plan a nature excursion or getaway, bonding with the intention of slowing down to set intentions, rejuvenate, and renew. A few simple powerful ways to invoke an invitation of peace and manifestation are to create a gratitude list, harvest from your own land the fruits and vegetation that you’ve grown this season or visit a local farm where you can do so. The beautiful aspect of the transit from long nights to brighter mornings is reaping what has been sown, not only in the physical aspect but the inner mystical part as well. Look within and ponder the lessons you’ve learned from last spring to this fall. What wisdom have you collected along the way? In which ways will you express this through words, art, or any other form of creativity? In this era we live in we are so inundated with movement and action that it is so special, so necessary to revisit ourselves and honor our revelations so that we can move this knowledge from head to heart and from self to world. MANTRA :: I live the cycles of my life with love, I love the cycles of my love with life. ▽

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